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by Chelsea Martin - Paperback

After breaking up with her boyfriend Mickey, a young woman struggles to situate her life and her art, and reach her estranged mother. Told in a series of vignettes, Mickey is one young woman’s journey to figuring out life (or not) amidst drunken mistakes, reality TV marathons, bathroom sex, and the daydreamed titles of imaginary art installations.

"MICKEY nails contemporary woes in a way that is honest and sad but more than anything hilarious."
"Chelsea Martin continues to prove herself the preeminent chronicler of Internet age malaise and I fucking love it. Mickey takes her provocative poetry long form, weaving the tangled tale of a breakup that shouldn't be as confusing as it is. This has replaced Anne of Green Gables as my cozy times reading. Who the fuck knows what that says about me, but it says a LOT about the power of Chelsea's writing."
—Lena Dunham

"If you enjoy futility, sarcasm, aggravation and art, then you will most likely enjoy this book as an excellent distraction from your own self-conscious and self-sabotaging brain."
Chicago Tribune

"Chelsea Martin's Mickey is beyond superlatives but I'll use them anyway: intelligent, hysterical, elusive, an exquisite original. If you enjoy thinking, laughing, and self-loathing, read this book." 
—Chloe Caldwell, author of Women and I'll Tell You in Person

"Mickey [... is] about the universal feelings of frustration and loneliness that come with growing older while not necessarily maturing [...]  by the end of the book, you can’t help but think you’ve taken a journey with Martin, watching her catch her stride artistically and honestly, through sadness, sarcasm, and success."
AV Club

"[Mickey is] funny, tragic, relatable, fantastic, dark but also, in its own unique way, weirdly hopeful. It is a reflection of its time, where social media boils emotional output down to the bare nerve and can fray our ‘IRL’ connection with our fellow humans […] Chelsea Martin is the kind of author that has her finger on the pulse of this style of writing."
Electric Literature

“There is no other writer who makes me laugh out loud more than Chelsea Martin. Both hysterical and heart-wrenching, Mickey is a well-rounded, hyper-realistic portrait of heartbreak in the age of the Internet.”
—Mira Gonzalez, author of I will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together

"For anyone who’s ever felt like they’re slowly drowning in a pool of abandoned dreams and self loathing, Mickey is a drinking buddy and a good companion."
Third Coast Review

"Chelsea Martin is [...] funny, and tragic in the way that staring at the Internet until you pass out in a pile of Doritos crumbs is tragic. Her deceptively relaxed prose perfectly captures the Facebook-guzzling void that constitutes modern heartbreak. Fav."
—Lena Dunham, creator of HBO's Girls

"Martin's a brooding minimalist who is great on relationships, the choreography of neurosis, and the feedback loop between selfishness and self-abnegation."
—Justin Taylor, Vice

Chelsea Martin is a writer and comic artist from Santa Rosa, California. Martin is the author of four books: Everything Was Fine Until Whatever (Future Tense, 2009), The Really Funny Thing About Apathy(Sunnyoutside, 2011), Kramer Sutra (Universal Error, 2012) and her small press bestseller, Even Though I Don’t Miss You (Short Flight/ Long Drive Books, 2013). Martin has published her work with numerous magazines and journals, including Buzzfeed Books, Hobart, Dark Fucking Wizard, Fanzine, and Electric Literature. She is the founder and Creative Director of Universal Error.

Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-1940430737
Publication Date: July 2016