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Book & Record Pairing

Book & Record Pairing

You might not have heard of these artists, but it's never too late for a good introduction.

Argentine poet Silvina Ocampo, a contemporary of Jorge Luis Borges, was long appreciated, but generally overlooked. Her work was sparsely translated into English in the seven decades she wrote. Ocampo doesn’t yield to secrecy, instead choosing to approach the darkness in the lyrical. In her epitaphs and sonnets, Ocampo approaches the familiar through the surreal.

Dark Dark Dark’s 2010 EP, BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT has become a stable of dark folk and chamber pop, along the ranks of Timber Timbre and Bowerbirds. They’ve worked on river raft art installations with the street artist Swoon and scored the film Flood Tide. Their music builds and falls and creates dreams within daydreams.

Together these works ruminate the dark parts of one's mind and turn them into something beautiful and gratifying.

“Epitaph for a Shipwrecked Sailor”

This is my first dream of shipwrecks,

I will never have to forget it. Dark

the water is in dreams, cold and hard.

Tomorrow I will be afraid of omens.