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Live Lit Coming Your Way!

Next week we're transforming Curbside to your live lit headquarters! Be sure to come to these readings featuring some of today's most new exciting literary voices.


Monday March 26, 5 PM – 8:30 PM


The notorious reading series, READ SOME SH*T is relocating to Curbside! Join us at Curbside Books & Records for an evening of drinks, ambiance, music, stories, poems, and monologues performed by these fresh voices: Vanessa Ramstack, Brittany Laurent, Aleene Morgenthaler, Kevin Sterne, and Doe Parker. Music accompaniment by Gus Klett. Hosted by Sophie Amado.

Grab a drink at Revival Food Hall Cafe Bar before listening to some literary inspiration. Featuring literary themed drinks from award-winning bartender Adam Daniels. Happy hour is at 5:00 and the reading will start around 6:30!

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Tuesday March 27, 7 PM – 8:30 PM

Join us for a poetry reading by award-winning writer Jason Phoebe Rusch as he presents his debut full-length collection of poetry, Dualities, new from SF/LD Books.

Jason will be joined by C. Russell Price, Jess Ranard, Aricka Foreman, and Felix Lecocq. 

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January 17 Mixtape

January 17 Mixtape

It appears we have some rough days ahead of us.

I don’t know of anything that’s been changed from silence.

Go out and see someone create something. There are so many people creating in Chicago alone making amazing things. Look at Maximum Pelt Records. I’m not sure that they sleep, because they are too busy making music and releasing others’ music into the world. And it’s cool. It’s so cool.

See a show, even if you don’t know the bands. You might find a new favorite. Go to an art exhibit, or better yet a DIY art gallery. Come to one of our amazing readings, or any of the other amazing readings and discussions held throughout the city like The Marrow, 2nd Story, and Poetry Foundation’s The Open Door series.

Get out and make these yourself. Create create create! If you know an instrument, write a song. If you don’t know how to play an instrument, learn one and write a song. Or just write! Or draw! Or dance! Or whatever you do, just go out and do it! Let people know how you feel and support people who are exhibiting their own feelings, because it’s needed now more than ever. We need to hear one another.